12 Pack – Anyway Spray Triggers


12 Spray bottles with triggers. Anyway Spray Technology Inside.



Order an Anyway Spray Sample. True 360 spray.



Customer Data Sheet

PDF – Customer Data Sheet Issue 3.1



Text Form – Customer Data Sheet: 

Anyway Spray Dip tubes for Trigger Spray & Finger pumps Spray Heads (OEM Tubes)

Issued: (issue 4) Sept 2021

Product Description:

The Anyway Spray dip tube is a dip tube designed to be used as a dip tube in hand operated trigger sprayers as well as other forms of dispensers such as aerosols, perfumes and hand pumps.

Anyway Spray technology is a patented technology used under licence from Pritchard IP Ltd.  The tubes are designed to allow trigger sprayers, finger pumps and other forms of dispensers to operate in substantially any orientation and to remove the entire contents.  So long as the liquid is touching the Anyway Spray tube, liquid will pass through.

Conditions of supply and use of technology:

Customer must conduct trials and assessments to assure themselves (and their customers if applicable) that the Anyway Spray dip tube is suitable for their application(s).  As a minimum PSTL recommends customers perform:

  • Chemical resistance testing
  • Time based compatibility testing
  • Formulation composition compatibility
  • Blend trials at minimum and maximum quantities of component materials including any PH balancing
  • Mixing tank top and bottom sampling
  • Through pack test analysis
  • Output
  • Priming (after 48hr soak)
  • Form and fit testing OD/ID diameter, length (with specified pump heads/valves to be used)
  • Orientation testing
  • Leak testing (with specified pump heads/valves to be used)
  • Port orifice sealing (with specified pump heads/valves to be used)
  • Line trials (manual and or automatic lines)
  • Transport/shipping tests
  • Environmental (temperature) testing

Failure to perform adequate testing could result in product failure in the field.  This is entirely the responsibility of the customer and PSTL will not be held liable for processes outside of its control. PSTL cannot be held responsible for variations in components it does not supply.


Prerequisites for use of Samples


To perform test to determine whether the Anyway Spray dip tubes meet the customers requirements regarding length, diameter sizing, colour, chemical resistance, functionality and all any other tests the customer feels necessary to assure themselves of the suitability of the Anyway Spray dip tubes for their application (s).

Samples are available upon request up to a maximum of 20 pieces.  Should you wish additional pieces there will usually be a charge.

Samples are available for our standard sizes and flow rates and for bespoke sizes and flow rates.  For lead times of samples please call PSTL.

Diameter sizing:

The Standard size profile is as follows:

Nominal External Diameter Internal Diameter
4.45mm ± 0.15mm 2.7 & 3.0 mm ± 0.3mm



Anyway Spray tubes are manufactured to a stand, wide gamut flow rate profile.  This flow rate profile has been tested on wide range of standard household spray products. (Most household formulations perform within acceptable tolerances with a flow rate profile of 20K [l/m2.h.bar-25oC]).  Some will require higher flow rates.  There is a wide variation in trigger head quality and performance and this can have a dramatic effect on the performance of the tubes. The higher the quality of the trigger head then generally the lower the flux required.  Higher rate flow profiles do not necessarily produce increases in flow due to the limitations of the hand operated trigger actuator mechanisms. Customers must test their formulations along with the relevant trigger heads and bottles to ensure compatibility as per the conditions of use of technology.

Stand Flow Rate Profile
Water permeability [l/m2.h.bar-25oC]
Gamut (Range)
c. 20K-35K ± 5k


PSTL can manufacture tubes with bespoke flow rates for specific applications.  Please contact PSTL for further information.

Colour: White.

Material composition:

Anyway Spray dip tubes are manufactured from a special form of Polyethersulfone (PES).  It has good resistance to aqueous acids, bases and most inorganic solution. PES is attacked by concentrated oxidizing mineral acid e.g. Nitric and Sulphonic acids at room temperature but is not affected by more dilute acids. Resistance to alkalis is good.  Further information is available within the chemical resistance data sheet.


Anyway Spray dip tubes must be stored in their original unopened packaging in a dry, cool environment between 10oc and 25oc.


Product should stay in the packaging provided until required use.  Do not store product where it could become contaminated.  Should be handled with clean hands.  Protect product from coming into contact with dust, oil, grease, dirt, liquids or other forms of contamination.

Before usage tubes need to be at a minimum temperature of 19oc


If correct storage conditions are maintained the product unboxed shelf-life is 18 months from delivery.  Once installed into dispenser and in contact with liquid the product can last up to 36 months and beyond.  This is down to stability and compatibility trials by the customer and is solely their responsibility.

Chemical Resistance:

See Chemical resistance date sheet within the appendix.  Customers must test their formulations to ensure compatibility as per the conditions of use of technology.

Formulation Compatibility:

It is the customer’s responsibility to assure themselves of the chemical compatibility of their blends with Anyway Spray dip tubes.

Certain thickening agents are know to restrict the flow of blends through the Anyway Spray dip tubes.  They include:

  • Acrylic copolymer
  • Xanthan gum
  • Lithium magnesium sodium silicate

Product Quality:

PSTL and its suppliers use various quality systems.  Product quality is based on the AQL system. AQL values and related defect descriptions are listed in the appendix and are subject to amendment from time to time.

Anyway Spray dip tube lengths:

Anyway Spray dip tubes will be supplied to the length specified by the customer.

Length:                      As specified by the customer

Length tolerance:    ± 5mm

Sealed end:               min 1mm

Sealed end width     ± 4 mm


Technical support:

PSTL are available to help with technical support and advice.  Please contact us if you require our help.

Inspection on delivery:

Anyway Spray dip tubes should be subject to standardised acceptance sampling by the customer.  If necessary PSTL will perform additional random checks, which will be performed, based on the AQL system in place at the time of delivery.

Standard tube insertion operating procedures (SOP’s)

Anyway Spray Dip tubes can be inserted both manual or mechanically.

The tubes should be inserted until they bottom out within the trigger head.

Take care not to damage, kink or crush the tubes. Damaged tubes should not be inserted into bottles as this can lead to product failure.

If inserting Anyway tubes mechanically, you should consult your machine supplier.  It is recommended that tubes are placed so that they curve inside the bottle with the curve in the direction of spray nozzle.  You should consult your machine provider on how this is achieved.

Anyway spray dip tubes are designed to be shaped before or during insertion into the bottle.  If shaping is required this should be done to the customers requirements.  Take care when shaping the tubes not to damage them.

Supplied fitted to Actuators (Triggers & Finger Pumps)

If you have asked PSTL to provide the tubes pre-fitted to your actuators we will agree a specification for the length of the tube and the curvature/bend required before receipt of order. Box labelling will also be agreed.

Testing standards

PSTL ensure that its products meet the standards by sampling and statistical analysis.  PSTL set minimum standards across various areas of the production process and these are recorded using our quality control system.

Defects are categorised as minor, major or critical as per table 2-A – Single sampling plans for normal inspection (Master table) ISO 2859-1:1999(E). Sample sizes are to be calculated as per a single shipped order received.

Minor Level Defects AQL value 2.5
Tube length deviation from specification tolerances
Minimal visual defect
Damage not effecting functionality
Major Level Defects AQL valve 1.0
Tube diameter deviation from specification tolerances
Flow deviation from specification
Critical Level Defects AQL value 0.15
Tube end not sealed

If the number of defects in the random sample does note exceed any AQL value of the classification as specified in single sampling plan (table 2-A (Master table) ISO 2859-1:1999(E) then the sampled lots will be approved.

If the AQL values are exceeded during manufacturers inspection then the sampled lot will be inspected and if they meet the requirements they will be accepted and rejected if they do not meet the requirement.  Any issues with batches are added to our knowledge base and corrective action is taken.


Dependent upon order size and shipping requirements Anyway Spray dip tubes will generally be packaged in boxes in quantities of between 1700 units to 3000 units.  All boxes will be labelled with information including:

  • Date
  • Quantity per box
  • Box number
  • Net weight (approx.)
  • Batch number (manufacturing batch)


All goods are shipped palletised ex works.

Brand guidelines requirements:

The anyway spray technology may only be used under a sub-licence granted from PSTL.  This licence is conditional upon all the customers in the chain following the brand guidelines.  All products utilising Anyway spray technology must display the Anyway spray brand as specified within the guidelines.

Terms & Conditions:

PSTL standard terms and conditions of sale and purchase apply to all orders placed with the company and supersede any other terms and conditions. (Available upon request) All goods are supplied on this basis only.


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