Calander ImageHaving a cleaning schedule helps you regain control of your housework and cuts your chores into manageable chunks that can be completed quickly each day. A cleaning schedule is particularly useful for families with children and pets, ensuring all jobs are completed regularly to keep your household in good order. A schedule also helps to get the whole family involved in the cleaning process – simpler tasks can be assigned to children encouraging them to take responsibility for cleaning up after themselves and keeping the house tidy.

When creating your cleaning schedule here are some important tips to keep in mind;

  • Keep it quick: When allocating time to each task remember to keep it as quick and simple as possible. Ideally each item on the schedule should only take 15-30 minutes which means you don’t need to be too thorough, you just need to get it done.
  • Be organised: When trying to clean quickly and efficiently the last thing you want is to run out of essential cleaning products! Ensure that your cleaning supplies are regularly re-stocked and keep the right products in the rooms they need to clean.
  • Plan Strategically: When planning your schedule try to be as strategic as possible. For example, focus on upstairs rooms at the start of the week so you don’t have to keep going up and down the stairs. Also, if there are jobs that you know will take a little longer then allocate them for a weekend or a day when you will have enough time available to finish the task.

The important thing to remember when creating your cleaning schedule is to make it as pain-free as possible. Where you can use equipment and cleaning products that will make your household chores a breeze!