Anyway Spray launches its Patented Technology in Tesco range of own label products!

Tesco launches brilliant invention to get every little drop out of household cleaners!

It’s one of the great frustrations of housework – getting near the end of a bottle of cleaning fluid and not being able to squeeze out the last few drops.

But now a ground-breaking British invention called Anyway Spray is being exclusively launched by Tesco to help customers cut down on household waste in the home. Read more.

“The beauty of the Anyway Spray tube is that it is made from a special material with millions of tiny holes that draw in fluid and unlike conventional cleaning sprays it can be used at any angle – even upside down.

 “We believe this brilliant British invention will help customers get more out of their cleaning products and end one of the greatest frustrations in household cleaning.” Read more.

Works at Any Angle 360º

Anyway spray works in any orientation, upside down, sideways, 360 degrees

The Anyway Spray magic dip tube is a direct replacement for all existing dip tubes in spray bottles. Simply remove the existing dip tube and replace it with a magic dip tube. Your spray will now work at any angle, 360 degrees.  Yes that’s right! So long as the liquid is touching the tube at any point, it works.  You could even stand on your head and use it and it would work – Amazing!

Cleaning the shower head, cleaning under the tap or cleaning around the rim of the bath just become a whole lot easier.

Anyway Spray Magic Tube upside down spray with tube for 360o use at any angle

Uses Every Last Drop 

Sucks up the last little drop from all your spray bottles.

The Anyway Spray magic dip tube is brilliant at getting out every last drop from your spray bottles.  So long as the liquid is touching any part of the tube it will suck up every last drop of cleaning product out of the bottle.  Great for making your product go further.

Removing every last drop from spray bottles means you are not throwing chemicals into landfill and in these times when every penny counts its good to know that anyway Spray magic tubes help your budget go further.

Don’t wast another drop of product again. Fit an anyway Spray Magic Tube.

Check out this video. Every last drop disappears!

Michael Pritchard, MBE explains the technology.

Less Chemical Waste

Saves you money

By fitting the Anyway Spray magic dip tube it will make your products go that much further.  By using every last drop you make your products go further and stop perfectly good cleaning products from going into landfill.

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100’s of ways to Spray

At Anyway Spray we have spent a long time testing a significant number of products to ensure that when we say it work, ‘It Works’.

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Product Videos & Demonstrations

This video will tell you everything you will need to know about how to choose the right connectors, how to fit the Magic Tubes and shows several spray products being used. Michael Pritchard also show how the Anyway Spray Magic Tube works upside down, at any angle and removes every last drop!